Fathom Gallery

The studio gallery of artist Colin Petersen.

Feel free to pop in and peruse the works at hand, suitable for all ages and art lovers.

Explore My Paintings

The process in many of the works is to simply start, and make marks freely, without thought, and then to continue this process, letting the existing marks and colours inform me of the next; following this dialogue until the work resolves itself. It would be much easier and efficient to have a plan and to know what the end result is, then to work from point A-Z, but this is not that. This is not painting what we know, it is painting what we don’t consciously know, as in being apparent; But it is painting what the subconscious knows, and the conscious sometimes perceives. Following this road, I enjoy the journey, the discovery, the unexpected, the building and destroying, the new pathways, and when seen, the meaning.


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